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The Range Mental Health Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive integrated behavioral health care services to the citizens of northern Minnesota thereby helping people reach and maintain productive and dignified lives.


Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
Better known nationally as psychiatric rehabilitation, ARMHS is a client-centered recovery based approach to treating functional impairments in individuals with mental illness. Practitioners encourage clients to pursue their life goals, and they provide services that instruct, assist and support functioning that will allow clients a better chance at reaching their goals. Practitioners help clients to live as independently as possible and integrate into the community. Services are provided in both individual and group formats.

Targeted Case Management
Mental health targeted case management assists adults with serious and persistent mental illness gain access and keep services. Case managers help identify needed medical, psychological, social, educational, vocational, financial, and other services as they relate to the client’s recovery from mental illness. Once a client starts receiving services identified, the case manager follows and assesses the appropriateness of the services. Targeted case management is a long-term program.

Intensive Clinical Case Management
Clinical case managers serve Medica clients only. They provide case management services to individuals suffering from an acute and severe episode of mental illness. Clinical case managers work with clients on a level system based on the severity of the episode. Clients experiencing severe episodes of illness may be seen more than five times a week by their case manager. Clinical case management is a short-term program and based on functional limitations.

Crisis Programs
The Range Mental Health Center operates several crisis programs:

  • 24-hour crisis hotline- The hotline can be reached at 1-800-450-2273. Any emergency where a person is physically harmed, or a person is making imminent threats to harm him or others should call 9-1-1 prior to contacting our hotline.
  • Merritt House Crisis Stabilization Program- A short-term residential treatment program designed to prevent individuals from needing hospital level care.
  • Community Mental Health Crisis Response- A service within the Community Support Program (CSP) that responds in the aftermath of a disaster, such as a workplace death.
  • Respite Bed Program- A service within the Community Support Program that places individuals with serious mental illness experiencing a crisis in a board and lodge facility for up to five days.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training- A 12-hour training for community members who want to become certified as mental health first aid providers.

Day Treatment (Intensive Group Therapy)
The Range Mental Health Center offers several day treatment groups Monday-Friday for individuals suffering from serious mental illness. Participants are given positive reinforcements, support, feedback, and education. The main goals are to assist individuals in obtaining the highest level of independence possible, to decrease the specific symptoms produced by their mental illness, and to decrease the need for hospitalization. All day treatment groups also have a social skills component.

Merritt House Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS)
The Merritt House Intensive Residential Treatment Program is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide services to adults with mental illness. Many of the program's clients also have chemical use problems. The staff of the program is multidisciplinary and consists of individuals from the fields of counseling, social work, psychology, chemical health, and nursing. Treatment uses a psychiatric rehabilitation model with a focus on client recovery. Treatment planning is individualized and utilizes evidence based interventions that consist of both individual and group formats.

Outreach Services
Our outreach services primarily serve two groups: individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, and military veterans in need of support. Outreach workers are specialists in community resources and assist their clientele in gaining the support they need.

Mesabi Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT)
RMHC partners with Saint Louis County Health and Human Services, the Occupational Development Center (ODC) and the Arrowhead Center as a team to provide intensive community services. Services are provided to clients with a severe mental illness (SMI) or severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) diagnosis, including those dually diagnosed (both mental health and chemical dependency). Staff to client ratio is 1/8, services are available 7 days a week, and include but are not limited to, medication management, psychiatry, case management, substance abuse treatment, crisis intervention, employment support, independent living skills training, and housing support.

The Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) owns one home in Chisholm. The home is divided into apartments ranging from two to four bedrooms.  The apartments are rented to clients of the Center to provide clean, safe, and affordable community housing for consumers who are experiencing a mental illness and are having a difficult time finding suitable housing. The RMHC manages a rental assistance program consisting of 35 scattered site units. Persons with serious mental illness can apply for help with first or last month rent, damage deposits and ongoing rental assistance through the Shelter Plus Care Program.

Perpich Apartments
The Perpich Apartment building opened in March of 2007. There are 27 furnished apartments available to people who are experiencing homelessness or not and that are low income. The Perpich apartments are located next to the RMHC Perpich Behavioral Health complex in Hibbing MN. There are six efficiency, eighteen one bedroom and three two bedroom apartments available. The residents of this program are within walking distances to services provided by the CSP staff of Norma’s Place.

Homeless Mentally Ill Adult Outreach Program
RMHC’s homeless mentally ill adult outreach program serves adults in northern St. Louis County from ages 22 and up. Clients initially are referred from RMHC as a walk-in homeless client or from other agencies. Clients are connected with a shelter. Regarding housing, RMHC workers assist clients with reviewing all available options (local subsidized housing, landlords who provide cheaper housing, etc) to find the most appropriate and realistic fit for the client.

Homeless Youth Program
RMHC’s homeless youth program serves youth in northern St. Louis County from ages 16 to 21. The homeless youth program offers outreach services to clients who are homeless and in need of housing. Clients are assisted with obtaining emergency shelter, food, and clothing.

School / Community Based Mental Health Services (ADAPT)
RMHC provides school/community based mental health services in 13 school districts within St. Louis County. RMHC works collaboratively with other agencies to assist children and families with special needs, provide prevention and intervention services year round, and provide school/community based mental health services through an individualized system of service provision. The target population includes youth and families who are experiencing and those at risk of: Abuse or neglect; mental health issues/symptoms; failing in school; engaging in harmful/illegal activities. Primary prevention and intervention efforts focus on elementary/secondary age youth.

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)
A service model as defined by the Minnesota Health Care Programs, (MHCP Provider Manual) designed to improve the basic functioning of the child with a severe emotional disturbance (SED) and/or an emotional disturbance (ED) and the child’s family in the activities of daily and community living, and to improve the social functioning of the child and the child’s family in areas important to the child’s maintaining or reestablishing residency in the community (residence, work, school, or peer group).

Outpatient Adult Services
Outpatient therapy is offered at Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) five days per week with extended hours on several evenings. Problems with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, social fears, and family conflict are explored in individual, marital, and family therapy sessions. Psychological testing is also available to assess personality traits and dynamics, memory and attention processes, and general intellectual functioning.

Psychiatric services are available at both our Virginia and Hibbing locations. Our psychiatric staff provides services to individual’s ages 5 to 100. Psychiatric services focus on diagnosing and treating mental disorders of both children and adults. The psychiatric staff evaluates the need for psychiatric medications and meets with clients on a regular basis for medication management.

Horizons of Recovery

Horizons is a component of the Range Mental Health Centers Day Treatment Program. It is designed for persons who suffer from mental illness, as well as an alcohol or drug problem. At the core of this program is the belief that effective treatment for such persons addresses both issues concurrently, enabling clients to achieve the following: abstinence from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs as a long term goal; the highest possible level of functioning with regard to psychiatric symptoms, and practical life skills utilization to manage both problem areas at once.

Range Treatment Center
The Range Treatment Center provides a multi-disciplinary approach toward the treatment of chemically dependent individuals, their families, and significant others. These services are available on both a residential or outpatient basis. This program treats adolescents as well as adults. Each client has an individual treatment plan and aftercare recommendations directed toward their specific needs and circumstances. The staff is also available for assessments and educational presentations.

Range Detoxification Service
The Range Detoxification Service is a 24-hour, medically monitored, short-term stabilization program for acutely intoxicated individuals. The program serves adolescents and adults, men and women. It is staffed by licensed nurses, chemical dependency counselors and unit assistants.

Forensic Evaluations

RMHC offers a variety of court-ordered forensic evaluations, including evaluations of competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, juvenile certification evaluations, civil commitment, pre-sentencing and psychosexual evaluations. The center also offers Pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations and offender treatment.

Wellstone Center for Recovery
This community-based program is designed to assist adults experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency.  The program offers individualized services that meet the unique needs of those being served.  The program is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and is staffed around the clock by highly trained mental health professionals and skilled nursing staff.  Each resident has a private room and most insurance, including Medicaid, is accepted.  The program utilizes evidence-based, recovery-oriented services.


Range Mental Health Center provides outpatient adult services. Outpatient therapy is offered in Virginia, Minnesota and Hibbing, Minnesota five days per week with extended hours on several evenings. In Virginia call (218) 749-2881. In Hibbing call (218) 263-9237 to schedule appointments.

Chemical Dependency

The Donavon Frank Building is located at 626 13th St. S in Virginia, Minnesota. Services include Range Detoxification and the Range Treatment Center. For more information please contact 218-741-9120.

Family and Children

The ADAPT program provides family & children's services in 13 school districts in northern Minnesota and northern St. Louis County. Services are provided with cooperation from local independent school districts across the Iron Range. ADAPT staff work with students with a wide range of emotional problems to help them better cope with home, school and/or peer issues. Emergency services are available as well as skills training to teach pro-social behavior and anger management. The availability of ADAPT services is flexible to meet each student's needs with the least disruption to the student's academic day. A summer program is also available. For all areas, call (218) 741-4714


RMHC currently operates an intensive residential treatment facility in Virginia called Merritt House. This unit provides services for up to sixteen patients at a time. RMHC also operates the Wellsone Center for Recovery for adults experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency.  For more information on Merritt House, please contact (218) 741-9630.  For more information on the Wellstone Center for Recovery, please call (218) 471-4327.


The Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) owns one home in Chisholm. This home is divided into an apartment with four bedrooms. The apartments are rented to clients of the Center to provide clean, safe, and affordable community housing for consumers who are experiencing a mental illness and are having a difficult time finding suitable housing. The RMHC manages a rental assistance programs consisting of 35 scattered site units. Persons who are homeless and with serious mental illness can apply for help with first or last month rent, damage deposits and ongoing rental assistance through the Shelter Plus Care Program. While on this program a person is seen once a week by an outreach worker, this is one of the requirements of the program. If other services are needed the outreach personal will help the person find the services.

Community Based

Community Based Programs offer an array of services designed to help adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses to function and remain living independently in the community. RMHC's community based services in both Hibbing and Virginia include but are not limited to:

  1. Client Outreach
  2. Housing Support
  3. Medication Monitoring
  4. Development of employability and work related opportunities
  5. Crisis Assistance
  6. Help in applying for government benefits
  7. Day Treatment
  8. Assistance in daily living skills
  9. Dual disorder
  10. Program for clients suffering from both Mental Illness and Chemical Dependancy.

Community Based Services are free to eligible consumers. In Virginia, call (218)741-4714. In Hibbing call (218) 263-9237. In Ely, call (800) 450-4714.

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